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How much does a $10,000 surety bond cost?

T asked this on December 04, 2012 in Surety Bonds answered this on December 07, 2012

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A $10,000 surety bond can cost different amounts based on 3 factors:

1.) Your Credit Score - Depending on your credit score, the percentage of the bond price that you will have to pay can change. For more information on how your particular credit score will affect the amount that you will pay, give us a call at 1-800-308-4358.

2.) The Type of Bond - Different bonds carry different amount of risk to the underwriter. If they deem the bond to be higher risk, you will be charged a larger percentage of the $10,000.

3.) Who is Requiring the Bond - Depending on where you live, bonds can cost different amounts. A $10,000 surety bond in your state may cost more than in a neighboring state. This is because surety bonds are required by the state government, and each state has different requirements involved.

For more information on bond pricing, visit our FAQs page for a detailed description on pricing.

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