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Notary and E&O Insurance

Notary bonds are required of individuals who wish to be licensed to perform notarial duties in their state. Notary's are responsible for providing a verification of someone's signature on a legal document or contract. Individuals wishing to become a notary public will need to provide a bond guaranteeing, up to a certain dollar limit, the accurate performance of their duties. Notary bonds are instantly issued without any pre-qualification or underwriting of the individual.

Notary Errors & Omissions insurance, also known as Notary E&O Insurance, is available as an additional coverage with the notary bond. Notary E&O Insurance Coverage limits vary by state, but all provide an extra layer of insurance against any error or omission that the notary may inadvertently do in the performance of their duties.

Notary E&O insurance must be purchased along with the Notary Bond and cannot be added after the fact, so be sure to add it when you purchase your bond. (Notary E&O not available in all states)

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  • What is an indemnitor?

    In indemnitor is the financially responsible party that signs the indemnity agreement wherein they agree to indemnify and hold the surety company harmless from any and all losses. In effect they are guaranteeing to repay the surety company in the event the surety company pays out a loss on a bond.

  • What is a Surety Company?

    Surety Companies are usually owned or part of an Insurance Company. They leverage their financial stability and creditworthiness on behalf of many principals to many obligees

Notary and E&O Insurance By State

Bond State Obligee Amount Application


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Alaska Notary Public Surety Bond Alaska AK Lieutenant Governor $1,000.00 Apply Now


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Alabama Notary Bond Alabama $25,000.00 Apply Now


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Arkansas Notary Bond Arkansas $7,500.00 Apply Now


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Arizona Notary Public Surety Bond Arizona AZ Secretary of State $5,000.00 Apply Now


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California Notary Public Surety Bond California CA Secretary of State $15,000.00 Apply Now

District of Columbia

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District of Columbia Notary Bond District of Columbia $2,000.00 Apply Now


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Hawaii Notary Bond Hawaii $1,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Idaho Notary Bond Idaho Varies Apply Now


Select Another State
Illinois Notary Bond Illinois $5,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Indiana Notary Bond Indiana $5,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Kansas Notary Bond Kansas $7,500.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Kentucky Notary Bond Kentucky $500.00-$1,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Louisiana Notary Bond Louisiana $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Michigan Notary Bond Michigan $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Missouri Notary Bond Missouri $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Mississippi Notary Bond Mississippi $5,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Montana Notary Bond Montana $10,000.00 Apply Now

North Dakota

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North Dakota Notary Bond North Dakota $7,500.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Nebraska Notary Bond Nebraska $15,000.00 Apply Now

New Mexico

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New Mexico Notary Bond New Mexico $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Nevada Notary Public Surety Bond Nevada NV Secretary of State $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Oklahoma Notary Bond Oklahoma $1,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Pennsylvania Notary Bond Pennsylvania $10,000.00 Apply Now

South Dakota

Select Another State
South Dakota Notary Bond South Dakota $5,000.00 Apply Now


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Tennessee Notary Public Surety Bond Tennessee TN Secretary of State $10,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Texas Notary Public Surety Bond Texas TX Secretary of State  $10,000.00 Apply Now


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Utah Notary Bond Utah $5,000.00 Apply Now


Select Another State
Washington Notary Public Surety Bond Washington WA Secretary of State $10,000.00 Apply Now


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Wisconsin Notary Bond Wisconsin $500.00 Apply Now

West Virginia

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West Virginia Notary Bond West Virginia Varies Apply Now


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Wyoming Notary Bond Wyoming $500.00 Apply Now
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