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Temporary Import Bond

A temporary import bond or TIB ("Temporary Importation under Bond") is required when goods are brought into the United States or Canada without payment of duty, by posting a bond to guarantee that they will be exported. The amount of the bond is usually double the estimated duties. Goods imported under a temporary import bond can remain in either country without the payment of duty for up to a year. These goods must be brought back to the country of export before the expiration of the bond period to avoid the assessment of liquidated damages in the amount of the bond. If the goods are not exported, the bond is forfeited, usually in the amount of twice the value of the customs duties that would have been payable on the products. The one year period for exportation can be extended upon application to the port director.

The importer will want to enter merchandise using a temporary import bond under the following circumstances: importing samples for testing, inspection, for making a purchasing decision, or to display a sample at a trade fair or other sales show; or an importer may wish to import merchandise and to further manufacture it and then export the finished product.

Please contact your customs broker to obtain a listing of goods that may be admitted into the United States or Canada under a Temporary Import Bond / TIB.


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