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Commissions expire four (4) years from the date of issuance and may be renewed by filing an application for renewal no earlier than 90 days before expiration. This form is required for both new applications and renewals for Texas residents who are not employed by the state of Texas. State employees should complete Form 2301-NB, available from the State Office of Risk Management. Escrow officers residing in adjacent states should complete Form 2301-E. Instructions for Form Identifying Information: You must enter your name exactly as you intend to sign documents as a notary public. Your commission will be issued in the name on the application. The disclosure of your social security number is mandatory under 406.005(a), Government Code. It will be used only to maintain the accuracy of the Secretary of states records. The Secretary of state will redact the social security number prior to providing a copy of this form in response to a public information request and will disclose the number only when required by law. A document on file with the Secretary of state is a public record subject to public access and disclosure. When providing address information, use a business or post office box address rather than a residence if privacy concerns are an issue. Provide your email address for electronic return of your commission. Email addresses are confidential and will not be displayed on our website. You will not receive materials by mail and the Office of the Secretary of state may use your email address to send correspondence. Statements Relating To Qualification: By signing the application, the applicant swears to meeting the qualification requirements for the office of a notary public. A notary public must be at least 18 years of age, be a legal resident of Texas, and not have a final conviction for a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude. When reporting criminal history on this form, you must disclose findings of guilt, or pleas of guilty or nolo contendere from any jurisdiction, including state and federal courts, military tribunals, and jurisdictions outside the U.S., regardless of whether the case has been appealed. Class C misdemeanors need not be disclosed. If you are unsure of the class of a crime or whether you were found guilty, disclose the crime and explain the circumstances. Applications are subject to background investigations. If a background investigation reveals any crimes (other than a Class C misdemeanor) that you failed to disclose on your application, denial or revocation of your notary commission may result. Notary Public Surety Bond: A notary public must secure a $10,000 surety bond. An authorized person for the surety company providing the bond must sign in the space provided. To obtain the signature, take the form to an insurance agency or bonding company for completion, unless it is preprinted with the name and address of an insurance agency/surety company. If it is preprinted, return it to the agency specified on the bond for completion. Only a bond written by a company licensed in Texas to issue fidelity and surety bonds will be accepted. A premium will be collected by the company from which you purchase the bond. Check with the surety company for the premium rate. Attachments: The following items must be included with the application: (1) attachments regarding criminal convictions, if any; and (2) filing fee of $21. All applications submitted are subject to background checks upon receipt in our office. Payment and Delivery Instructions: The filing fee for a new or renewal application is $21. Fees may be paid by personal checks, money orders, LegalEase debit cards or American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. Checks or money orders must be payable to the Secretary of state through a U.S. bank or financial institution. Fees paid by credit card are subject to a statutorily authorized convenience fee of 2.7 percent of the total fees. The completed form, along with the filing fee and any attachments, may be mailed to the Notary Public Unit, P.O. Box 13375, Austin, Texas 78711-3375 or delivered to the James Earl Rudder Office Building, 1019 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701. The Secretary of state will issue a notary commission upon filing of a completed, qualified application. Form #2301 Rev. 11/2016 If renewing, mark this box:  FORMCHECKBOX  Commission Expires:  FORMTEXT   / FORMTEXT   / FORMTEXT      APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT AS TEXAS NOTARY PUBLICThis space reserved for SOS useIdentifying Information Please Type or Print Legibly Name to be used as notary public: (This is the name you will be required to sign when notarizing.) Social Security No.:  FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT      FORMTEXT    - FORMTEXT   - FORMTEXT     Last FirstMiddle (not required)SuffixRequired by TX Gov t Code 406Mailing Address: (Please notify the secretary of state of an address change within 10 days)Residence County: FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT      TX FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT      StreetCityStateZipEmail address for return of commission (Legible): FORMTEXT      (Your commission will come from notarypubliccommission@sos.state.tx.us and you will NOT receive materials by mail.)Date of Birth: FORMTEXT   / FORMTEXT   / FORMTEXT      Driver s License or Identification No.: FORMTEXT      Issuing state: FORMTEXT   Statements Relating To QualificationI, the above-named applicant, have never been convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, am at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of Texas. {All applications are subject to a background check.}Please select one of the following: FORMCHECKBOX  A.I have been found guilty of a crime other than a Class C misdemeanor. (Applicants selecting this option must attach the following for each crime: (1) copies of court order and sentence, and papers pertaining to release from probation; and (2) a statement of (i) the nature, circumstances, date, and location, and (ii) whether the case is on appeal.) {A conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude OR a FELONY disqualifies you from appointment as a notary public under Texas law.}  FORMCHECKBOX  B.I have never been found guilty of a crime OR I have only been found guilty of a Class C misdemeanor, e.g. minor traffic violations such as speeding.Notary Public Surety Bond (This space reserved for agency/bonding company)KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS: That we,the above-named applicant, as principal, and FORMTEXT      , as surety, a corporationduly licensed to do business in the state of Texas, are held and firmly bound unto the governor of the state of Texas and to his/her successors in office, in the sum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for the payment of which, well and truly be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally. As a condition of this bond, the above-named principal shall faithfully perform all duties of the office of notary public. BOND NUMBER:  FORMTEXT /:QT0 1 2 > [ e óìpaaaRahKh_%CJOJQJaJhKh`;CJOJQJaJhKh CJOJQJaJhKh}#CJOJQJaJhKh\\[CJOJQJaJhKhC!CJOJQJaJ hKh2hKh26CJOJQJaJhKh25CJOJQJaJhKhKCJOJQJaJhKhsCJOJQJaJhKh2CJOJQJaJST1 2 3 > zri` $@&a$gdl $@&a$gd $a$gd $a$gd2ckd$$Ifl    ))0    44 lalytI $$Ifa$gdOgd2$a$gd2       D   ĵĥueuUEhKh_%6CJOJQJaJhKh6CJOJQJaJhKhhQ6CJOJQJaJhKhp6CJOJQJaJhKha6CJOJQJaJhKhs6CJOJQJaJhKhcl6CJOJQJaJhKh_%CJOJQJaJhKh`;CJOJQJaJhKhclCJOJQJaJhKhsCJOJQJaJhKhVyCJOJQJaJ G g u  w ǸxhYJ;JhKhUCJOJQJaJhKh3CJOJQJaJhKhCJOJQJaJhKh-v5CJOJQJaJhKh5CJOJQJaJhKhe|5CJOJQJaJhKhl5CJOJQJaJhKh\\[5CJOJQJaJhKhzCJOJQJaJhKhM0CJOJQJaJhKhhQCJOJQJaJh_LCJOJQJaJhKhaCJOJQJaJ $&`#$/Ifgd\\[&$ 8`0p@ P !$`'0**$a$gd\\[*$ 8`0p@ P !$`'0**$^a$gd~$a$gd\\[$a$gd5w x 1BT.BD񦐀paRaChKhV3CJOJQJaJhKhZCJOJQJaJhKhCJOJQJaJ *hf2hKCJOJQJaJ *hf2hUCJOJQJaJ hKh\\[hKhsCJOJQJaJhKh\\[CJOJQJaJhKhm\CJOJQJaJhKh_%CJOJQJaJhKh0ByCJOJQJaJhKh3CJOJQJaJhKh~CJOJQJaJ]^()~ummaaaU $7$8$H$a$gdN( $7$8$H$a$gd\\[$a$gd\\[h^hgdKh^hgdUxkdq$$Iflx!++ t 6`0+644 lap yt\\[ D8:ʻ~n_P_>"hKh 156CJOJQJaJhKh_%CJOJQJaJhKhhQCJOJQJaJhKhK5CJOJQJaJhKh\(m5CJOJQJaJhKhCJOJQJaJhKhvCJOJQJaJhKh\\[CJOJQJaJhKh(CJOJQJaJhKhV3CJOJQJaJhKhZCJOJQJaJh5%pCJOJQJaJh CJOJQJaJ [\]^cl~G̷~~kXEk2kk%hKhSOB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKh(B*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhqB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhx!xB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhG(zB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhe{B*CJOJQJaJph# %hKh\\[B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKh\(m5B*CJOJQJaJph# hKh(5CJOJQJaJ"hKh(56CJOJQJaJ"hKhj56CJOJQJaJGHz} )_aq~ƳƳƤkVA(hKhj6B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKhJh6B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKhY6B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKhx!x6B*CJOJQJaJph# hKh"CJOJQJaJhKhZ CJOJQJaJ%hKhqB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhx!xB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhqB*CJOJQJaJph# %hKhjB*CJOJQJaJph#  !"=>oq3IJteVeFe6VehKhSg5CJOJQJaJhKhSg6CJOJQJaJhKhQ?CJOJQJaJhKhSgCJOJQJaJhKhVyCJOJQJaJhKhDcCJOJQJaJhKhQ?5CJOJQJaJhKhy/f5CJOJQJaJhKhx!xCJOJQJaJ(hKhx!x6B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKhf6B*CJOJQJaJph# (hKh:6B*CJOJQJaJph# )!"JKt*$ 8`0p@ P !$`'0**$^a$gdN(%$ 5`0p@ P !$`'0**$a$gd\\[$a$gdN( $h^ha$gdQ? $@&a$gd\\[ $@&^a$gdQ?h^hgdy/f$a$gd\\[ 0DILQWdgh³vg³XH9hKhsCJOJQJaJhKh-v5CJOJQJaJhKhZCJOJQJaJhKhuCJOJQJaJhKhC4CJOJQJaJhKhCJOJQJaJhKhsCJOJQJaJhKhC6CJOJQJaJhKhCCJOJQJaJhKhC5CJOJQJaJhKhQ?5CJOJQJaJhKhSgCJOJQJaJhKh\\[CJOJQJaJk  #~³³¤¤††whhhYYhKh*CJOJQJU^JaJ1jh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJmHnHu,jzh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJh1S>*CJOJQJ^JaJ&jh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJhBH=CJOJQJ^JaJh)CJOJQJ^JaJ#jhbh.OJQJUhbh.OJQJjhbh.OJQJU(>lnռիwiw[MF6hJhxm5CJOJQJaJ hbh@yhbh85@OJQJheh@y5@OJQJhehK5@OJQJhehs5@OJQJhbh@y5@OJQJ/jhf2hf25@OJQJUmHnHu hBH=hBH=CJOJQJ^JaJ1jh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJmHnHu&jh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJ,jfh1S>*CJOJQJU^JaJniUU$ P$*$Ifa$gdbxkd $$IfTF )y   t)    4apyt;wT$ $*$Ifa$gdb $$Ifa$gdb^`bdf*ŽviZRK<jhbhg OJQJU hbhg hiOJQJh;wh)vCJOJQJaJhk85CJOJQJaJh;whz.5CJOJQJaJh;whu5CJOJQJaJh;wh;w5CJOJQJaJh;whuCJOJQJaJhuOJQJh)vOJQJhbhg OJQJhMOJQJ hbhFhJhJ5CJOJQJaJhJhF5CJOJQJaJ.^kd$$IfT0 )  t)4apyt;wT $*$Ifgdi $*$Ifgd;w $*$IfgdZFkd$$IfT)) t)4ap yt;wT*,.8:<>RTV`bdfz|~޾޾޾޾޾޾޾|te|S|"jh-F@OJQJUmHnHuj1h-F@OJQJUh-F@OJQJjh-F@OJQJU#jhbhg OJQJU#jShbhg OJQJU#jhbhg OJQJUhbhg OJQJ(jhbhg OJQJUmHnHujhbhg OJQJU#jkhbhg OJQJU <d ( * 6 B n | ~ $ $*$Ifa$gd?Ff$ $*$Ifa$gdb $*$Ifgdb     $ & ( * 2 4 N l ~ {i{WP h?hg "h?hg 56CJOJQJaJ"h?h?56CJOJQJaJ"h?hi56CJOJQJaJha/6CJOJQJaJhbhg 6CJOJQJaJ hbhg jh-F@OJQJU"jh-F@OJQJUmHnHujh-F@OJQJUh-F@OJQJjh-F@OJQJUhbhg OJQJ A2 $*$Ifgdbkd$$IfTֈ  ) (    t)4ap<yt;wT ! !.!f!h!v!x!!!!!!!!!!!!Ÿ~o]oHoo(jhbh4rOJQJUmHnHu#jhbh4rOJQJUjhbh4rOJQJUhbh_@5CJOJQJaJh\\[5CJOJQJaJhi5CJOJQJaJhMh_@5CJOJQJaJhTg5CJOJQJaJhbh_@CJOJQJaJhbh_@OJQJhbh4rOJQJ hbh4rhbh4rCJ OJQJaJ  z!!!!!=^kda$$IfT0 )  t)4apyt;wT $*$Ifgdb $*$Ifgd}#Fkd$$IfT)) t)4ap yt;wT!!!!!!! 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I further certify that the information provided in and with this Application is true and correct and that I am not disqualified by law or any other reason from holding the office of notary public. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the incorporated surety bond.Date: FORMTEXT      Signature of Applicant (sign in name given above on line #1 to be used as notary public)   PAGE 2 Form 2301 Questions may be directed to the Notary Public Unit at 512-463-5705. PAGE 1 Form 2301 Revised 11/2016 PAGE 3 Form 2301 Questions may be directed to the Notary Public Unit at 512-463-5705. 0XZlL^kd,$$IfT0U!)D! t)4apyt;wT $*$IfgdbFkdZ,$$IfT)) t)4ap yt;wT2FHJTVXlnҔԔ֔ڔܔޔȯȯxȯbȯRjh1SCJOJQJUaJ+j.hbh4XCJOJQJUaJ+jN.hbh4XCJOJQJUaJ+j-hbh4XCJOJQJUaJhbh4XOJQJ0jhbh4XCJOJQJUaJmHnHu%jhbh4XCJOJQJUaJ+jf-hbh4XCJOJQJUaJhbh4XCJOJQJaJlޔ $*$Ifgdb:<HJ^`blntvzѻѬzp_zKzD5hbht`@OJQJaJ hbht`&jh1S@OJQJUmHnHu!j2h1S@OJQJUh1S@OJQJjh1S@OJQJUhbht`@OJQJhbh4X6CJOJQJaJ hbh4Xhbh4XCJOJQJaJ*jh1SCJOJQJUaJmHnHujh1SCJOJQJUaJ%j6/h1SCJOJQJUaJh1SCJOJQJaJkd/$$IfTִx$%)g   t)    4apPyt;wT &2: $*$Ifgdb:<H) $*$Ifgdbkd0$$IfT֞x$%)g   t)4apFyt;wTHprtvxz;kd|2$$IfT\)3 L t0)4ap(yt;wT $*$Ifgdbz|Еҕԕ9'$ $*$Ifa$gdbkd3$$IfT\)3 L t0)4ap(yt;wT $*$IfgdbzЕҕԕ֕:<ʖԖ²|l]N?8 hbhJoWhP4hqt CJOJQJaJhP4h|CJOJQJaJhP4hCJOJQJaJhP4hJoW6CJOJQJaJhP4hqt 6CJOJQJaJhP4hJoWCJOJQJaJ hbhuhJhu5CJOJQJaJhJh)5CJOJQJaJhJha)5CJOJQJaJ hbh4Ihbh4ICJ OJQJaJ hbht` h}#ht`@CJOJQJaJԕ֕<aXXL $$Ifa$gdb $Ifgd$Fkd5$$IfT)) t)4ap yt;wT$ $*$Ifa$gdbFkd 5$$IfT)) t)4ap yt;wTRTw/Hkd6$$IfT?)) t)4ap ytiT$ $*$Ifa$gdbvkd6$$IfTFd )r t)    4apyt;wT.0PRTVXjl\^`bdütcQJ92 hbh!r hbh!r@CJ OJQJaJ hbhn\#hJhP45@CJOJQJaJ hihi@CJOJQJaJ hihP4@CJOJQJaJh H5@CJOJQJaJ#hJhn\5@CJOJQJaJ hbhPhbhPCJ OJQJaJ hbh!ChP4h!C5CJOJQJaJhP4hC CJOJQJaJhP4hJoWCJOJQJaJhP4h{rCJOJQJaJTVXl^ $*$Ifgdi$ $*$Ifa$gdMHkd7$$IfTD)) t)4ap ytiT $*$Ifgdb^`b $*$Ifgdbmkd{7$$IfT)) t0)4ap yt;wTbdp $*$Ifgdbmkd!8$$IfT)) t0)4ap yt;wTdprМҜԜRTVXZ\zl_OlD:jhCJUhMJhnxCJaJhvh@B  gd -gdMJ  !'gd 6 gd &`#$gdOdpt~:<>@BDthMJhnxCJaJhh -h.CJOJQJaJh.OJQJhh.OJQJh_L0J&OJQJmHnHuh`Nh.0J&OJQJ!jh`Nh.0J&OJQJU hMJh.h?T%h ah.OJQJh^CJOJQJaJh1SCJOJQJaJBD F*$gdsJ00P&P1:pIBP/ =!"#$%h Dp90&P:p -BP/ =!8"8#$%h o$$Ifl!vh#v):V l0    5)alytI$$If!vh#v+:V lx t 6`0+65+p yt\\[tDeCheck2vDText15vDText16vDText17 Dd  A"?<Texas State SealPicture 1Description: Texas State Seal"b  I׃K=Lp  knz I׃K=LpPNG  IHDR}sRGBgAMA aPLTEٟ pHYs!!IDATXowϸ3XzEU9!ņ*A4"6E7M*kF`'(cAC06~t4j];u1)i^,˝wлxx#Hٟ~9'I-)#I?x($~IjOew$`ۉ#hSۉ)嘀by;wݔ^P&(0LS p'^&eI$]yK$fN!ǂE8Ӡ`@s;i:Nv:I٠G(.f'q@N(eҏM"V6 @?!ysm{P'R$byr:,D77DSMт^$V _k%tj G$7!pGj~#[̥ ĘXaN[h{m/P`%r1蹀} 1q 'j1bCgr,S;9H/c"KƑH/# a$O_ t?o1>B kHdPo  I/!⏒N'INMBJpđA>#,.QQGHC]8vk 0X?@/K*ԍh`̸ {<ȹ=yQi_ܣء߉HtZŜkQEcMbDA9mce%VDxF7+ bLOO$և vDĻ;g6RhN)q_A[~v "6Ny"7LH?J//]L Iu(#S1BolP||CV|{}e?E>&Q4>q U2}Ìb={EU#2BE#{(D*a*I?*A-+`I ) ,F@4'^pm0R0MzB$CwX'WK![o!Ȑ F:n12994z:WhI^$WP0o2. ^2{H| X,FKz-AِP͏KSIMǞ*1&X:>)=|A7-| *}T!P5SH[D( 8ljo"Fz1i8i$[*( x9]3RA-rEX؆w9^ V2c71rxA_-|eEƸw0} Uh'/d|*!$1u~tLjOyLKb?L>0gr1ކSD68zWQPm0^ɥc$}2EK0B 4gyTSD#}n'l5#+nAEqig!87`bqc:~'yi6|j+(vcڡޚm5"V8W/[/#QģRUE%4 dU_S #cRJ[c~S̈́툿gyz5CnSaGMe\paANJD(kk\(}Vmig{'eJT;?SO.Ϫ!|U \27wa˔qc;V;'~V-\(~h^2Kۚ%J䈬J^@i;}V/”X6B5Xi8}7#Vf/uu7 y\( -b_'É2i.5n&]*q1ҴnF18_pȬOiSjSTuMrd+q4\܉{0/"J>.f&i)zJ &kqp{c%Wh{4jCB)EƧh6@gż뉱&"tB4ﰉjX'x&ל]IAvbœ3& bl: KghUztX={Jc:|d*l( Z Mu~M\Hk`lJ#E0#Mskͣ4ڳ\,@e-Tm_ h C J!!l&)EZZF nj t)00004apxyt;wT$$If!vh#v[&#vj:V t),5[&5j/ 4 pyt;wTc$$If!vh#v):V t),5)4 p yt;wTc$$If!vh#v):V t),5)4 p yt;wTc$$If!vh#v):V t),5)4 p yt;wTc$$If!vh#v):V t),5)4 p yt;wTc$$If!vh#v):V t),5)4 p yt;wTtDeCheck2u$$If!vh#v#v%':V t)55%'4 pyt;wT{$$If!vh#v#v%':V t),55%'4 pyt;wThDey$$If!vh#v#v%':V  t)55%'4 pytiT$$If!vh#v#v%':V Z t),55%'/ 4 pyt;wTq$$If!vh#v):V t),5)/  4 p yt;wTq$$If!vh#v):V t),5)/  4 p yt;wTtDText6$$If!vh#v#v# #v#v_ #v :V t),,55# 55_ 5 / / / / 4 p2yt;wTvDText18q$$If!vh#v):V t),5)/  4 p yt;wT$$If!vh#vD!#v:V t),5D!5/ /  4 pyt;wTtDText6tDText6tDText7tDText9jD C$$If!vh#vg#v #v#v#v #v#v#v:V t),5g5 555 555/ / /  / 4 pPyt;wT+$$If!vh#vg#v #v#v #v#v#v:V t),5g5 55 555/ / /  / 4 pFyt;wTjD\$$If!vh#v#v3#v #vL:V t0),5535 5L/  / / / / / / / /  4 p(yt;wTD$$If!vh#v#v3#v #vL:V  t0),5535 5L/ / / / / / / 4 p(yt;wTq$$If!vh#v):V t),5)/ 4 p yt;wTq$$If!vh#v):V t),5)/ 4 p yt;wT$$If!vh#v#v#vr:V t),555r/ 4 pyt;wTg$$If!vh#v):V ? t),5)4 p ytiTg$$If!vh#v):V D t),5)4 p ytiT$$If!vh#v):V t0),5)/ 4 p yt;wT$$If!vh#v):V t0),5)/ 4 p yt;wTvDText14N$$If!vh#v#v3#v#v:V t0),55355/ / / / / / /  / 4 p(yt;wT$$If!vh#v#v3#v#v:V  t0),55355/ 4 p(yt;wT.s02 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@_HmH nH sH tH @`@ NormalOJQJ_HmH sH tH TT  Heading 1$*$@&`5@OJQJRR  Heading 2$*$@&5@OJQJDA`D Default Paragraph FontRi@R 0 Table Normal4 l4a (k ( 0No List DD TOC 1 (#$*$]^`0@@ TOC 2(#$*$]^`0@@ TOC 3(#$*$]^p`0@@ TOC 4(#$*$]^@ `0@@ TOC 5(#$*$]^`0<< TOC 6(#$*$^`022 TOC 7 *$^`0<< TOC 8(#$*$^`0<< TOC 9(#$*$^`0D D Index 1(#$*$]^``D D Index 2(#$*$]^`0@.@  TOA Heading(#$*$.". 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