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Serving over a million notaries nationwide since 1940, we have been assisting notaries in Virginia for many years and have everything you will need for your Virginia notarial practice.

Legacy State Id: 
Be 18 years or older.
Be able to read and write the English language.
Be a legal resident of the United States.
Live or work in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Not have been convicted of a felony, unless there is proof of a pardon for such felony or the applicant had his or her rights restored.
Notary Term
4 years.
Notary Bond
None required.
Errors & Omissions Insurance
Optional. Notary Service and Bonding Agency, Inc. strongly recommends that Virginia notaries insure themselves against claims of negligence.
Notary Stamp/Notary Seal
Required. A notary public and electronic notary public are required to affix a seal or stamp on every notarized document. The seal/stamp must be sharp, legible, permanent, and photographically reproducible. For an electronic document, the notary shall attach an official electronic seal. The seal/stamp must contain the name of the notary public exactly as it appears on the notary commission, the words “Notary Public” and “Commonwealth of Virginia.” Pursuant to state law, the notary’s registration number and commission expiration date must be included in every notarial certificate a notary executes if the notarization is to be valid.
Record Journal
None Required. It is strongly recommended by the Secretary of Commonwealth and Notary Service and Bonding Agency, Inc. that each Virginia notary public record and maintain every notarial act in a notary journal.
State Filing Fee
A filing fee of $45 is required for new and renewal notary applications.
None Required.
Permitted. Non-residents living in adjoining states may be appointed if they are regularly employed in Virginia and perform notary services in connection with their employment. Non-residents must meet the same qualifications as Virginia residents. A non-resident notary who ceases to be regularly employed in Virginia must surrender his or her notary commission.
Notary Commission Renewal
A notary public may apply before the expiration of his or her current notary commission by completing and submitting a renewal application form to the Secretary of the Commonwealth in person, by first-class mail, or online, provided online notary applications contain electronic signatures authorized by the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act.
Complete the Virginia notary public application by PDF or Online.
  • PDF: Continue here to download and complete the Virginia notary public application. Once you have downloaded the notary public application you will need to complete it according to the instructions provided.
  • Online: Continue here to complete the Virginia notary public application. Print the PDF notary public application generated at the end of the online portal. You will be given the opportunity to pay by credit card at the end of the interview process. Be sure you are able to open and print the PDF notary public application before paying online. The barcode number on your printed application must match the invoice number found on your receipt to ensure proper payment on your account.
Have your signature notarized on Part 3 of the notary public application.

Have your signature, located on Part 3 of your printed notary public application, properly notarized by a Virginia Notary. This must be done prior to mailing your application to the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Submit the completed notary public application (PDF or Online) and application fee to the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

PDF: You must mail the completed notarized notary public application along with the application fee via a check or money order in the amount of $45.00 (payable to Treasurer of Virginia) to the address below.

Online: You must mail the completed notarized notary public application along with the application fee payment receipt you printed online to the address below.

The $45.00 application fee is not refundable, transferable, and cannot be applied to another application. The processing of an application will not begin until a completed, notarized paper application is received in the Notary Clerk's office.

Notary Clerk, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
P.O. Box 1795
Richmond, VA 23218-1795

Contact the Circuit Court to take your oath and be sworn in.

The Office of the Secretary of Commonwealth will send out a notification letter to the preferred mailing address (home, business, email) selected by you on your application to let you know your notary public application has been approved. At that time, you will need to contact the Circuit Court to verify they have received your commission and to make arrangements to take the oath. There is a $10.00 fee paid at that time to the court.

The turnaround time for processing of a completed notary public application is about 2 to 3 weeks. If more than three weeks have passed and you have not yet received your notification, please be sure to contact the Office of the Secretary of Commonwealth office at 1-804-692-2536 or by email at [email protected].

Note: By law, you must claim your commission within 60 days after it is issued. If you fail to do so you must submit a new application and a new fee to become a notary. Failure to receive a notice will not permit you to receive a commission after the 60-day period has expired.

Order your notary supplies by fax, email, phone, mail or online.

You are now able to order your notary supplies. Contact us or proceed to the secure shopping store to complete your order.

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Notary Service and Bonding Agency, Inc.
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You are now authorized to begin your notarial duties.

Once you receive your notary supplies you will be ready to begin acting as a notary public for the State of Virginia.

State Bond Terms: 
4 Year Term / Not Applicable
State Stamp / Seal Requirements: 
Ink Stamp or Embossing Seal Required.
Public Records URL:
State Store Name: 
Notary Service and Bonding Agency, Inc.
Allow Faxed Applications: 
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