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Alaska Notary Bond
Retail Price: $50.00

$1,000 Notary Bond and Oath

Required by the state of Alaska.

A notary surety bond protects the public from mistakes you make while performing your notarial duties during the term of your commission that result in damage to the public.

If you would like coverage that protects you from the financial damage that could result from making a notarial mistake, you should consider a Notary Errors & Omissions policy. Subject to policy limits and provisions, an E&O policy will protect you, the notary, from financial harm.

What does the law say about the Alaska Notary Bond?
Alaska Notary Handbook
Notary Public Bond
The bond must be in the amount of $1,000. Suppose you are sued for $500. If you are shown to be liable and cannot pay the $500, the surety would pay this amount to the injured party. Then, the surety would seek repayment from you. If you do not respond, the surety would sue you to recover the $500.

It is a common misunderstanding among notaries that the bond protects them from civil lawsuits. It does not. The notary bond protects the public against a loss resulting from a wrongful notarial act, whether the act was intentional or unintentional. The notary must reimburse the surety for any bond funds paid to a person who has suffered losses caused by the notary's improper performance of official duties. Notaries have unlimited financial liability for intentional and unintentional misconduct.

Alaska Notary Law
Sec. 44.50.034. Bond.
  1. A person applying for a commission as a notary public without limitation under AS 44.50.010(a)(1) shall execute an official bond of $1,000 and submit the bond with the application under AS 44.50.032. The bond must be for a term of four years from the date of commission.
  2. The lieutenant governor shall keep a bond submitted under this section for two years after the end of the term of the commission for which the bond was issued. Disposition of the bond after the end of the commission does not affect the time for commencing an action on the bond.

Sec. 44.50.140. Disposition of bond.
The lieutenant governor shall keep the bond for one year after the end of the term of the commission for which the bond is issued. Disposition of the bond after the end of the commission does not affect the time for starting an action on the bond.

Sec. 44.50.150. Copy of bond as evidence.
A certified copy of the record of the official bond with all affidavits, acknowledgments, endorsements, and attachments may be read in evidence with the same effect as the original, without further proof.

Sec. 44.50.160. Misconduct or neglect.
A notary and the sureties on the official bond are liable to persons injured for the damages sustained on account of misconduct or neglect of the notary.

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