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Our website will guide you through the process of becoming a notary in Arizona.

Summary of notary application process:

1) Answer some basic questions about yourself.
2) Obtain a $5,000 bond.
3) Complete and submit an application with bond and filing fee.
4) Receive Secretary of State certification.
5) Obtain a notary seal and log book.

The standard processing time for notary applications takes 3-4 weeks. If requested, you may expedite the filing process, which reduces the filing time to 24-48 hours. The filing time is established from the date the Secretary of State’s office receives the application, not based on the mailing date.

Standard Service (3-4 week processing time) Expedited Service (24-48 hour processing time)
Application Fee    $25 Standard Service Filing Fee    $43
Bond Filing Fee + $18 Expedite Filing Fee + $25
Total    $43 Total    $68

Fees for notary bonds and notary equipment vary per provider and/or vendor and are separate from the Secretary of State filing fees. If you’re curious of what pricing may entail, you may consult the Yellow Pages or online search engines for notary bonding and/or equipment pricing. You may also consult your employer’s HR department for pre-approved insurance agents and/or vendors.

IMPORTANT : You will need to have access to a printer to print your notary public application and bond information forms. We will generate a PDF of the files you need to print. You may save them and take them to another computer to print if necessary.