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PA Notaries - Atlantic Bonding Company
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PA Notaries - Atlantic Bonding Company
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Posted by Pierces Notary Services on 7/9/07 7:57am
Msg #198986

PA Notaries - Atlantic Bonding Company

Any PA Notaries use these guys for reappointment? Mine is coming up. I previously went through PAN.

Reply by Sylvia_FL on 7/9/07 9:19am
Msg #198993

I am not in PA but used Atlantic Bonding for my renewal

Reply by sue_pa on 7/9/07 9:35am
Msg #198995

I did mine myself this time - last time was too close for comfort - I received my bond from PAN with 0 days to spare and I obtained my senator's endorsement and drove the paperwork to Harrisburg myself - if I had sent it through them, my commission would have expired - never got my $40 refund either !!! In their defense, my last renewal was when the education requirements went into effect.

Reply by Pierces Notary Services on 7/9/07 10:42am
Msg #199007

Sue - how much ahead of time did you renew? They say you should start 6 months prior, correct?

Reply by LauriecPA on 7/9/07 2:50pm
Msg #199055

I didn't go thorugh Atlantic Bonding, but if you got an offer from Notarybondingco, throw it away! What a nightmare! (aka Notary Assn of PA)

Reply by sue_pa on 11/28/08 8:42am
Msg #270712

The AG is going after them in PA. I believe they are not permitted to operate in PA until they make everyone whole and pay their $1000 per individual fine. Not positive exactly what happened but they didn't deliver the renewal packages or at least portions of them timely.

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