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How to become or renew as a notary in the State of Wyoming:

  • Purchase your notary bond, stamp(s) and supplies.
  • Complete your notary public commission application.
  • Complete the process with the Secretary of State's office.
  • Complete the process with the County Clerk's office.
  • Provide a copy of your certificate of commission.
Legacy State Id: 
Be at least 18 years of age.
Be a resident of the State of Wyoming and the county from which the applicant is making the application.
Be able to read and write the English language.
Not have been convicted of a felony, unless the felony conviction has been pardoned, reversed, or annulled and all rights have been restored.
Notary Term
4 years.
Notary Bond
Required. A $500 surety bond is required for new and renewing notaries.
Errors & Omissions Insurance
Optional. Wyoming Notary "Discount" Association Company strongly recommends that Wyoming notaries insure themselves against claims of negligence.
Notary Stamp/Notary Seal
Required. A embosser or rubber inked stamp.
Recording Journal
None Required. It is strongly recommended by the Secretary of State and Wyoming Notary "Discount" Association Company that Wyoming notaries public record every notarial act in a permanently bound journal.
State Filing Fee
A $30 filing fee is required for new and renewal notary applications.
None Required. Notaries public are encouraged to obtain and review the Notaries Public Handbook provided by the Secretary of State.
Not permitted. However, a notary of a contiguous state may notarize in Wyoming if that state grants Wyoming notaries the same authority within that state. Currently, Montana is the only state extending such reciprocity.
Notary Commission Renewal
A notary public may re-apply six weeks prior to his or her commission expiration date. The renewal process is the same as for a new notary public commission. The secretary of state does not send out renewal notices.
Place your order for your new or renewal Wyoming notary bond package.

Online Ordering: Proceed back to the secure shopping store to complete your order.

Fax / Mail Ordering:

  • Continue here to complete and print your new or renewal notary bond package order form.

Fax: 1-800-637-5992
Mail To:
Wyoming Notary "Discount" Association Company
550 Hulet Drive
Suite 105 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Once we receive your form and payment we will review your form for accuracy. If all the information is correct and complete we will then process your order and mail you your notary bond which you must then file with your county clerk's office.

Complete the Wyoming notary public application.

Complete the entire Wyoming notary public application. Make sure that your signature matches the "Commission Name Style" as listed on item 1 on the application. 

  • Continue here to complete and print the Wyoming notary public application.
Mail your Wyoming notary public application to the Secretary of State's office.

Mail the completed Wyoming notary public application along with a $30.00 filing fee (check/money order payable to "Wyoming Secretary of State") to the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office.

Mail To: 
Notary Officer 
Wyoming Secretary of State's Office 
State Capitol Building, 200 West 24th Street 
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

For questions regarding the application please call: 1-307-777-5335. In about 3 to 5 business days after the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office receives and processes your application, they will mail notification to the mailing address listed on the application. After you receive notification you may purchase a notary bond.

You must file your notary bond with the County Clerk. Please do not delay!
  • Continue here to download a list of County Clerks nearest you.

Take the notary bond to the County Clerk's office in the county you reside in to be filed. The bond must be recorded by the County Clerk within 60 days of the beginning date of the notary commission. Failure to file will disqualify you and you will forfeit your $30.00 filing fee.

After filing your bond and taking the oath, you will receive a Certificate of Commission from the County Clerk.

Send us your Certificate of Commission so we can order your new official seal stamp. Please do not delay!

Once you receive your Certificate of Commission you must fax, mail or email us a copy of that certificate so that we can order your new official seal stamp with the correct commission dates. Please allow ample time to receive your new official stamp seal due to the fact that it must be personalized and manufactured.

Fax: 1-800-637-5992
Email: [email protected]
Mail To:
Wyoming Notary "Discount" Association Company
550 Hulet Drive
Suite 105 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

You are now authorized to begin your notarial duties.

Once you receive your new official seal stamp you will be authorized to begin your notarial duties in the State of Wyoming.

State Bond Terms: 
4 Year Term / $500 Bond
State Stamp / Seal Requirements: 
Ink Stamp or Embossing Seal Required.
Public Records URL: 
State Store Name: 
Wyoming Notary "Discount" Association Co.
Allow Faxed Applications: 
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