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What Is A Texas Notary Bond?

Notary bonds are forms of Texas surety bonds that are intended to protect the state of Texas against losses and damages that can be caused by a notary public failing to perform his tasks effectively and honestly, therefore costing the state considerably. A Texas notary bond is a requirement for an individual to become a notary public.

Essentially the TX surety company is offering the state government a promise that the notary public will follow all of the rules and regulations of the job of notary public and that if he does not, the notary bond can have a file claimed against it. Should the claim be deemed legitimate, the notary bond will be utilized as a line of credit to immediately cover the losses.

A Texas notary public is responsible for ensuring that those people involved in a contract are actually who they say that they are. This means that their identity must be verified to ensure the validity of the contract. Ox Bonding can assist you in getting a Texas notary bond as well as other surety bonds.


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