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Office of Institutional Compliance
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Notary Without Bond Program

Objectives / Goals:
Track all University’s notaries without bond and ensure that notary services are available for business related items.
Value Added Service to the University:
Notary services ensure that a notary is always available to the TSU family for documents requiring attestation.
Notary service is a necessary function of any organization.

Notary Service

Statutory Authority:
Government Code: Sec.§406.016.
  • A notary public has the same authority as the county clerk to:
    • take acknowledgments or proofs of written instruments;
    • protest instruments permitted by law to be protested;
    • administer oaths;
    • take depositions; and
    • certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records.
  • A notary public shall sign an instrument in Subsection (a) in the name under which the notary public is commissioned.
  • A notary public may not issue an identification card.
  • A notary public not licensed to practice law in this state may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.