What Is A Bond For A Notary Public | What Is A Bond For Notary Public

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Wyoming Notary Bond

There are so many documents that require the signature of a notary, and this means that there are many ways in which a notary could behave unethically. What happens if this should occur? There are a lot of consequences and possibilities, and this is why states like Wyoming now insist on the use of the surety bonds known as the Notary bond.

Essentially, the notary in WY will be obliged to obtain this coverage from a valid surety bond company. The bond then protects all of their customers from any actions on the part of the notary that are harmful, illegal, or unethical. It is not the same as insurance, but is very similar. It is purchased and then administrated by the state of Wyoming if something goes wrong.

If you want to work as a notary in WY, you will have to get this surety bonding from a valid provider. Ox Bonding is an ideal resource for such bonds and will help you get what you need.

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