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Arkansas Notary Bond
Retail Price: $50.00

$7,500 Notary Bond and Oath

Required by the state of Arkansas.

A notary surety bond protects the public from mistakes you make while performing your notarial duties during the term of your commission that result in damage to the public.

If you would like coverage that protects you from the financial damage that could result from making a notarial mistake, you should consider a Notary Errors & Omissions policy. Subject to policy limits and provisions, an E&O policy will protect you, the notary, from financial harm.

What does the law say about the Arkansas Notary Bond?
Arkansas Notary Handbook
A Surety Bond in the amount of $7,500 is required. The notary shall purchase either a surety bond executed by a surety insurer authorized to do business in the state of Arkansas or a surety contract from a general business Arkansas corporation which has registered with the Arkansas Insurance Department and otherwise complied with all requirements under Arkansas law.

A copy of the Notary Bond (not the original) must be forwarded to the Secretary of State’s Office with the application. The original of the bond will be filed with the Circuit Clerk of the county of commission.

Arkansas Notary Law
21-14-101. Appointment and commission.
  1. A surety bond executed by a surety insurer authorized to do business in Arkansas to the state for the faithful discharge of the notary public's duties in the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), to be approved by the Secretary of State; or
  2. A surety contract guaranteeing the notary public's faithful discharge of his or her duties executed to the State of Arkansas for not more than an aggregate seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), issued by a general business corporation validly organized and formed under the laws of this state pertaining to domestic corporations and which:
    1. Has previously registered with the Insurance Commissioner on forms prescribed by the commissioner evidencing the corporation's purpose to issue only surety contracts for notaries public pursuant to the provisions of this section;
    2. Has previously deposited and thereafter maintains with the commissioner securities in the sum of not less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) executed to the State of Arkansas that are issued by a nonaffiliated corporate entity and are approved by the commissioner; and
    3. Is not otherwise transacting any insurance business in this state that requires compliance with the provisions of the Arkansas Insurance Code.

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