IU Notary Public List

This website serves as a resource for all notaries public at IU as well as folks in the IU community who need to render the services of a notary public. The notaries listed on this list have self-identified, and in accordance with IU policy, will not charge a fee for notarizations while on-campus using IU resources and time. They are not vetted or supported by any group or means other than their state notary commission and their affiliation with IU.

As is mentioned under Resources, you are encouraged to seek legal advice from another source if you have any questions about a document that requires notarization. Not all notaries are authoritative on what should or should not be notarized. We only verify your identity as it pertains to the signing of documents. Notaries Public are NOT inherrently signatures guarantee or notaries-at-law.

This website and the services rendered are not an official service of IU and the persons performing notarization services are not doing so on behalf of IU unless specified. IU's offices of communications, legal counsel, and information security are aware of this effort.