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What Is A North Dakota Notary Bond?

When you have gone to the trouble of studying and passing the necessary tests in order to work as a notary public, you might think you can then just “hang out your shingle”. In the state of North Dakota, however, you also need to obtain a Notary Bond. This is one of the many kinds of surety bonds that offer protection to your clients in the event of fraud or wrongdoing that results in some kind of liability.

The bond is not insurance, though it does have financial compensation for anyone who has been harmed by your mistakes or misjudgments, and it must come from an ND surety bond company. It is set at a pre-determined amount and has to remain active while you work as a notary.

If you want to provide your notary services in the state of North Dakota, you must have a good surety bonding resource. You can rely on Ox Bonding for all ND surety bonding needs, and they can often get you setup quickly.

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